I am Blessed

Laddie_Head SquareToday was a reminder that I live a very blessed life.

This morning my new Dexcom G4 system arrived by FedEx. I currently have good insurance and all it took was one phone call on Monday to have this fabulous medical device show up on my front porch today.  Proving that I don’t live in a rut and am easily amused, I am somewhat excited that my new receiver is blue and replaces my out-of-warranty hot pink receiver.  Life is too short not to grab every opportunity to be happy.

Dexcom Blue Excitement

This afternoon the UPS guy delivered a big box containing 3 months of infusion sets, reservoirs, and test strips.  These supplies were ordered through the Edgepark website on Sunday.  Many people totally bad-mouth Edgepark, but once I learned to ignore the wacky prices they quote for “Retail”, I have had excellent service from them.  (I hope that I have not jinxed myself.)  I was told by a rep in the CGM/Pump department at Edgepark that my good insurance is one reason that things have gone so smoothly for me.  I also give credit to my endocrinologist whose multi-doctor practice is very organized and responds quickly to requests for prescriptions and medical necessity forms.  Nothing was too exciting in this order except that it includes one box of Contact Detach metal sets that I have never tried.  Some Type 1’s at TuDiabetes swear that they are the best, so I figured they were worth a try.  Earlier this summer I tried out Cleos and Insets and neither worked well enough to lure me away from manually inserted Comfort Shorts.

For those of us who participated in the Spare a Rose campaign, my ease in getting needed diabetes supplies is in stark contrast to the difficulties that many children/adults in developing nations have getting insulin to keep them alive.  I won’t need to buy insulin until September.  When I do, all it will take is a few clicks on the computer and a drive to my local Walgreens to replenish my deli drawer with insulin (my refrigerator does not have a butter compartment!).

I wish that I didn’t have diabetes.  But I am blessed because I have supplies on the shelf, a pump in my left pocket, a CGM in my right pocket, and plenty of insulin in the refrigerator.  Not everyone is so lucky.


Thanks to diabetesherosquad.com for permission to use their Dexcom graphic.