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Laddie_Head SquareThe Diabetes Online Community has come together again in 2014 to sponsor the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign.  The message is simple, but powerful.  Buy one less rose this Valentine’s Day and donate that $5 to the Life for a Child program sponsored by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).  Your gift of $5 will provide a month of insulin and diabetes supplies for a child in parts of the world where these life-saving medications and supplies are desperately needed.  Or consider donating the equivalent of a dozen roses and giving a year of life to a child with diabetes.

728x90tag_Spare a RoseThe website for Spare a Rose, Save a Child was created by members of the DOC as a source of information about the Spare a Rose program.  If you are a blogger, you can find links and images at this site to use to spread the important message about this campaign.  This one-page information sheet will tell you everything you need to become involved.

If you wish to donate, use this donation form to send your gift directly to the IDF using PayPal.  Please note the down arrow that gives you choices of how much to donate.  (Spare 1 Rose = $5 = 1 month of Life for a Child. 2 Roses = 2 Months and other options up to 2 dozen roses for 2 years of life for a child.)

As we approach Valentine’s Day 2014, let us all be generous in sharing our bounty with children all over the world.  To us, a rose is small.  To a child with diabetes, that rose represents another day, another month, another year of life.

To donate, click on this image.

To donate, click on this image.

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