A Twofer

Laddie_Head SquareToday’s post is a twofer. Two topics for the price of one. Short and sweet so we can concentrate on more fun activities during this week of Christmas.

Diabetes complications come in many forms. Some problems are serious and even life-threatening. Some are minor but annoying. Today I am looking for sympathy for a crack in my thumb that is sore and resistant to healing. The cold weather in Minnesota and the lack of humidity in Arizona make me vulnerable to skin cracks like this especially since I have horrible fingernails that do not protect my fingertips.

And why am I calling this a complication of diabetes? Am I usually slow to heal? No. Do I have neuropathy in my hands? No. Is my circulation impaired from diabetes? No. Is my Hand Roundskin dry because of erratic blood sugars? Not really. This stupid crack is related to diabetes because I keep using this thumb to squeeze drops of blood from my cold Minnesota fingers which tend to be stingy in the cold weather.

I put bandaids and Aquaphor on the thumb and it starts to improve. And then boom! I forget about the almost-healed crack and squeeze a frigid finger on my left hand. If I didn’t have to test my BG, this thumb would be perfectly fine. Darn you, diabetes!

My current solution as seen in the photo is a trimmed gel toe protector. (These little stretchy gizmos are great for hiking and help minimize injuries to vulnerable toes from long hikes on rocky trails with lots of ups and downs.) It has more cushioning than a bandaid and stays on well. Plus you can take it off to wash your hands. Since I just thought of this today, we’ll see how it works:-)

The second topic of this post is to wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, or just a good day depending on your beliefs and traditions. I am looking forward to a visit from my New York son and his family and to spending time with my Minnesota son and his family. On Christmas Eve we will celebrate with four grandchildren aged six and under and life will be busy and chaotic. I can’t wait!

As you celebrate (or try to survive) this holiday season, may your blood sugars be stable and your days filled with joy!Happy Holidays 2014