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Laddie_Head SquareI am excited to preview two posts to be published this week at Test Guess and Go as part of the Conversations series.  These two blogposts are exactly what Kate Cornell and I envisioned as we wrapped up our Type 1/Type 2 Conversations and invited others to join the project.

Those of you who follow my blog have noticed that my co-bloggers, Sue from NY and Sue from PA, have been on vacation in recent months.  Sue from NY has taken several long trips and had some great family time with children and grandchildren.  Despite being busy, she has not been cured of diabetes and therefore has not permanently abandoned us.  Sue from PA had a bad fall in June that resulted in a severe shoulder injury.  Hampered by pain and the awkwardness of one-handed typing, she needed time away from the computer and her blogging suffered as a result. She did keep busy behind the scenes with her advocacy work for Medicare coverage of CGMS.

But they’re back!

Last week on the way home from a family trip, Sue from NY and her husband Steve stopped in Harrisburg, PA to spend a few days with Sue from PA and her husband Marc.  SueNY_SuePAIt was the first in-person meeting for the two Sue’s.  Inspired by the Conversations project, they decided to rope this husbands into discussing diabetes.  They didn’t interview their own spouses; they talked with the other Sue’s spouse.  The result is two very interesting conversations.  The first will be published tomorrow and highlights Sue from NY who has Type 1 diabetes along with Type 1 Marc from PA.  Their stories are remarkably similar as both were initially misdiagnosed as Type 2 because of their age.

The second conversation to be published on Thursday is between the spouses, neither of whom has diabetes.  Sue from PA and Steve from NY have a frank discussion about what it is like to be the spouse of someone with Type 1 diabetes.  Although never wavering in support of their spouses, both talk about the fears and emotional toll of being the life partner of someone with Type 1.

Please come back tomorrow to read Conversations: Two Type 1 Diabetics Have a Chat and on Thursday for Conversations: Two Spouses of Type 1 Diabetics.