Twelve Wishes

  1. Laddie_Head SquareI wish that foods that don’t need sweetening weren’t always loaded with sugar. Chicken salad used to be a friendly food for me but most restaurants now add various sweeteners to the dressing along with dried cherries or cranberries.
  2. On a related issue, I wish that Whole Foods and Panera Bread didn’t think that filling a food with honey makes it health food.
  3. I wish that my best was better than it is.
  4. I wish that when I was reading a book on my iPad that I didn’t keep switching to Candy Crush or to Pages to work on a blog post.
  5. I wish that I had a large house to live in and a small house to clean.
  6. Magic WandI wish that I had as much willpower as everyone thinks I do.
  7. I wish that I could be young again with the wisdom and happiness that being older has given me.
  8. I wish that I didn’t constantly miss the “a” on my iPad keyboard and keep typing “disbetes”.
  9. I wish that winters weren’t so cold in Minnesota.
  10. I wish that I enjoyed cooking because then I would have better meals to eat.
  11. I wish that I could be a guy every November and December and have Thanksgiving and Christmas magically appear.
  12. I wish that I could be friends with all of the people whom I’ve met through diabetes without any of us having diabetes.