The Best of Abby the Black Lab

Last Friday my beloved Abby the Black Lab passed away. She was 13-1/2 years old and had severe arthritis and many other health problems. I sit here today mired in guilt as though I could have made her young and healthy again. She was the perfect dog and I miss her so much. We are not going to get another dog in the near future (or ever?) and I think it is going to take me a while to come to terms with my sadness.

Although she had slacked off in recent years, Abby the Black lab was a popular author on my blog. She did not have diabetes nor did she ever notice any of my high or low blood sugars. But she was a wise dog and not shy about sharing her wisdom about life and blood sugar dysfunction.

Abby the Black Lab Discusses DSMA Live

Abby made her blogging debut in 2013. Those of us who have lived in the Diabetes Online Community for a long time will remember the Cherise-Scott-George podcast which introduced me and many others to the movers and shakers in the DOC. More importantly Abby introduced herself as a diabetes fashionista of sunglasses and hats.

Abby the Black Lab Discusses Nutrition

Abby confirmed her status as an expert in fashion and food in this post.

For sure she knew that despite what your vet and diabetes educators tell you, dog food and vegetables do not taste nearly as good as donuts and potato chips. And sometimes a girl just doesn’t want to measure her food.

The Great Divide in the DOC

This is probably the best post ever published on my blog. Abby had incredible wisdom to state that we need to stop the arguments between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and unify into a powerful advocacy bloc.

“Although you seemingly-civilized people with Type 1 diabetes sometimes argue with those who have Type 2 diabetes, you pancreatically-challenged doofuses should remember that you are stronger together than apart.  Diabetes in all of its evil forms is the enemy and you should join hands and conquer it together.”

But Abby was a dog and she knew that there was a much more important battle than diabetes for dogs and cats.

“More importantly, we dogs and cats should toss aside our petty differences and stop the harassing hisses and barks.  With a united army of canines and felines, we can fight a cosmic battle against our common enemy.   A enemy who taunts and teases us in our own yards and through our own windows.  An adversary who seems to think that dominance is achieved through water-skiing videos.  We have seen the enemy and the enemy is……..SQUIRRELS!”

Abby the Black Lab Discusses Community

I loved this blogpost and the magic mailbox is still a popular fixture in my Arizona community. Abby had been slacking off for a while but was prompted to write saying: 

“Although I am overworked protecting my home from coyotes, rattlesnakes, and FedEx drivers, I suppose I can take a minute to discuss dog biscuits, mailboxes, and people with diabetes.”

Abby reminded us that community is important, maybe the most important part of the DOC:

“By dispensing magical treasures every day, this mailbox helps build a bond of community in the neighborhood. Community. That’s important…. I like to think that blog comments, tweets, and Facebook remarks are dog treats where you touch base with people and remind them that they are appreciated and that the diabetes community is important.”

Some of my readers will remember #dblogcheck day and most of you won’t. But viewing the diabetes online community, Abby summed it up fabulously:

“No one has ever complained about too much love, respect, and validation.”

That’s what the diabetes online community gives us:




Thank-you, Abby. ❤️


Blogposts by Abby the Black Lab. May She RIP.

7 thoughts on “The Best of Abby the Black Lab

  1. Laddie, I feel ur sadness. I hope u can b comforted by the beautiful memories u have of Abby the Black Lab,,,,,,,elizabeth

  2. So sad for Abby’s passing. Our puppies all become so very much a part of our lives. Liz and I have two rescue puppies (now mature dogs) and they are integral in each of our day’s activities … even if it is to just sit on the couch or floor and pet them.

    When our Dalmatian passed away (many years) ago we said ‘no more’ … can’t deal (or don’t want to deal) with the loss again. That lasted two years and we got “two” to replace one. That has now been about 8-9 years.

    We know we’ll have to face such change again, but certainly don’t look forward to such.

    Sharing prayers with y’all Laddie.

  3. Hi Laddie, Sorry to hear that Abby has passed away. As a leading (canine) spokes-model for the DOC (and your own personal muse), she will be missed, but well-remembered.

  4. I’m so sorry to read this news, Laddie. The love and support I feel from my aging canine companion has grown so deep that it sometimes surprises me. My dog has made me a better human and I suspect that Abby also did this for you.

    My wish for you is that you get to a place where the memories of Abby bring you contentment and a smile without the ache you must endure for now. Abby may be the focus of your sorrow but the real source is your capacity to love. And that’s something we just cannot afford to lose. Be well, my friend!

  5. Oh, I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. They are such a part of our lives and our hearts… they bring such joy and love and wisdom. We lost our 17 year old dog last year, and it was one of the biggest losses in my life. We now have a 2 year old and 5 month old (NEVER thought I’d get a puppy!) and they bring us so much laughter and love. Never can replace the ones we’ve lost though… thinking of you and sending wishes for a gentle time with your grief.

  6. She was the best blogging loving, writing, observing pup in all of the DOC. However, she clearly missed the common enemy, but she was very close. In my opinion the common enemy is chipmunks. But we can toss in squirrels just to keep the peace if that helps. Tell Abby when she visits (I know she will often because Samantha visits me often) that I am in solidarity with her stance on furry tree climbing and nut crunching rodents.

    Many blessings to Abby and those wonderful humans she looked after.

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