Abby the Black Lab Discusses Community

Laddie:  Abby the Black Lab has been slacking off recently and hasn’t written a blogpost since May 2014. In response to my threat to withhold dinner tonight, she graciously offered to step in and share her views on community and #dblogcheck day.


Abby with Abby Crown_no backgroundAbby:  It is #dblogcheck day. Laddie informed me that she is too busy to write a blogpost today because she is visiting other blogs in the Diabetes Online Community (#DOC) and leaving comments. Although I am overworked protecting my home from coyotes, rattlesnakes, and FedEx drivers, I suppose I can take a minute to discuss dog biscuits, mailboxes, and people with diabetes.

In my Arizona neighborhood there is a magic mailbox which dispenses dog biscuits instead of outgoing mail. I learned about it a few years ago from my Golden Retriever friend Stella. When Laddie and I walk down this street a few blocks from home, I tug on the leash to prompt her to open the mailbox door and see what delicacies await me. (Mind you, I eat tree pods, table scraps, and rabbit poop so I’m not very particular….) Along with dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes, I wag my tail and explode with excitement. I am a 78-pound dog who goes berserk over snacks the size of a quarter.


Do you know what else the magic mailbox does? It beams happiness to My Human and zaps a smile on her face every walk. Some days there are twenty treats in the mailbox and they are devoured by late afternoon. That means that lots of dogs got yummy treats while their owners were reminded that small things can bring joy to others. The random act of dog-biscuit-kindness is contagious as the humans become more apt to smile at and engage their neighbors. By dispensing magical treasures every day, this mailbox helps build a bond of community in the neighborhood. Community. That’s important.

So what does this have to do with diabetes? The purpose of #dblogcheck day is to celebrate the #DOC and connect with people on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and wherever you hang out. You are prompted to leave a comment on every blog you read even if it is as short as writing “Check.” I like to think that blog comments, tweets, and Facebook remarks are dog treats where you touch base with people and remind them that they are appreciated and that the diabetes community is important.

Laddie: Sometimes I ask myself whether my blog is my most important contribution to the #DOC. My answer is “Not at all.” I think that when I read and respond to the blogs, tweets and Facebook postings of my FFABD’s (Fellow Folks Affected By Diabetes) that I validate their experiences and remind them that their voice is important. That’s a good thing.

Abby the Black Lab has no idea about the carb count of dog biscuits and neither do I. We both know that comments are carb-free and we encourage you to explore the #DOC today and everyday. Write comments and take time to welcome/support new and established members of the diabetes community. No one has ever complained about too much love, respect, and validation.

Abby:  Check!

Laddie:  Check!


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23 thoughts on “Abby the Black Lab Discusses Community

  1. What a great post, thanks so much for sharing. My poodle would love a mailbox just like that and I reckon we would all love not having to worry about carb counts 🙂

  2. Abby the Black Lab, you are a great writer. And so is Laddie. Thank you both for the sunshine you bring to my days!

  3. My labs would love that mailbox too! I love reading your blog Laddie, I think you add a lot to the DOC.

  4. LOL loving Abby! First time here – just found you off Mike Hoskins’ page. Can wait to meet you Friday!!!

  5. OMG… this is so awesome!!!! Riley Dog concurs that this is an awesome post and….

    Hi, this is Riley Dog. Abby, I like you. We’d get along and have fun, because we’re both black labs. And because I like doggie treats and W-A-L-K-S too!!!! And sometimes, I like to chase the kitty that roams around my house, but Daddy won’t let me catch it to play and snuggle like one of my toys. Not sure why, since I just want to build community like you, but…

    Mike, again. Sorry for the dog-napping of the comment there. You rock, Laddie. As does Abby. Thanks for the creative post and glad to have heard from Abby today! Thanks for the fun reminder of how important every voice in our community is, whether it’s a post or comment or anything else. #dblogcheck

  6. I love this story! When we lived in SF, our UPS guy carried dog treats in his truck. It got to the point that when my dog saw the UPS truck, she would run after it. If he wasn’t in there, she would hop up inside and wait for him to return so she could get her treat.

    The mail guy, on the other hand, threatened to mace my dog more than once. For no other reason than he was a jerk.

    My dog Seven thinks you would be fun to chase squirrels with, Abby.

  7. Happy #dblogcheck day, Laddie and Abby. Great blogs … and happy wags from Hey Buddy and Bon Bon

  8. Happy blog check day. I know I don’t comment much on your blog, but I do read it. Promise! ❤

    Hold on a second. My dog wants to say something.

    She wants a mailbox like that, and she doesn't care if it's full of rabbit poop. Actually, she'd prefer that. Oh, and something something woof arf woof. It's a dog thing. I don't know.

  9. Abby, you and Laddie are both AWESOME! I kinda missed #dblogcheck day due to excessive work schedules, but I’m glad I saw this today. Thanks!

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