Diabetes Pregnancy: Now and Then

A while back I approached Kerri Sparling of Six Until Me about sharing my pregnancy and childbirth stories from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Those were the diabetes days of no home BG monitoring and one or two injections of insulin a day. Today the first part of my story (with a few choice comments from Kerri) is highlighted at Six Until Me. Check it out!

Diabetes Pregnancy: Now and Then

1 thought on “Diabetes Pregnancy: Now and Then

  1. Interesting story. I had my first in 1990 and I saw a dietitian once. I don’t remember testing frequently after meals. I don’t remember intensive oversight. I do remember that two of my A1c values were in the 4 s but no one mentioned that was a problem…gee do you think I had horrendous lows at night? My first child was close to 8 pounds and I happily gained 75 pounds… eating up to my insulin?? My other two were 11.6 and my weight gain only 40 pounds.
    Overall I tried on my own to keep my bs down but with little oversight. Your story was interesting.

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