Link–Type 1/Type 2 Conversations: Diabetes in the Great Outdoors

Laddie_Head SquareFor our second Type 1/Type 2 conversation, Kate has chosen to talk about one of her greatest loves: spending time in the Great Outdoors.  Although I don’t camp (if there is no bed, I don’t go!), I am an avid hiker and regularly explore the mountains and deserts of Arizona.  One thing Kate and I quickly learned in this conversation is that although it is important to learn from and respect people with other types of diabetes, we do have some significant differences in how we navigate our lives.

Last week with our first discussion Type 1/Type 2 Conversations: Talking about Weight, Kate and I published the post simultaneously on both of our blogs.  Very quickly we found that we over-saturated Facebook and Twitter with promos and links followed by favorites, retweets, likes, and shares.  This week we are trying a different strategy.  Because this is Kate’s topic, this conversation will only be published on her blog today. There are two advantages to this.  First, we’ll spare the DOC a barrage of duplicate communications.  Secondly, it will give readers of my blog the opportunity to explore Conversations_FinalKate’s blog – Sweet Success: My Life with Type 2 Diabetes.

To read Type 1/Type 2 Conversations: Diabetes in the Great Outdoors, click here.  Besides an interesting discussion, you’ll find a couple of goofy fishing photos that prove that old ladies women with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes can catch equally big fish wearing floppy hats.