March Miscellany

It is a new month and time for opinionated comments and updates.

It Shouldn’t Be This Hard:  Earlier this week I ordered my February Medicare bundle from Dexcom. I am also in the process of trying to get my 90-day insulin prescription under Medicare Part B. I’ll politely say with no curse words that none of this is going well. I am turning into the “Always-B*tching Blogger” because this stuff is so hard. And it shouldn’t be. I am just trying to do what I did last month and the month before with Dexcom and 3, 6, 9 months ago with Walgreens and insulin. 

I will eventually get out of Dexcom “Processing” limbo and my supplies will be  shipped. Some Medicare recipients have been told that shipments are delayed 7-10 days due to high volume. Long call waits, shipments delays, and moving Call Support to the Philippines have not made Dexcom a popular company in the diabetes online community. ‘Nuff said. And Walgreens will figure out how to get Medicare coverage for my insulin.

At the same time, I like the ring of Always-B*tching Blogger and you can just think of me as ABB!

The Weather:  I have spent winters in Arizona for 15+ years and have never seen snow. That changed last week with 3 inches of the white stuff. Fortunately despite a few downed tree limbs, we had little damage. 

Finally spring has arrived and the Arizona that I know and love is back.

Ground Squirrels:  Although my landscape and flowers survived the snow, I am totally losing the battle with ground squirrels. These horrible creatures are “protected” in Arizona and my exterminator isn’t allowed to poison them. Plantskyd which deters rabbits and deer in Minnesota is impotent. My normally gorgeous March geraniums are decimated. This photo is one day after replanting and an ample dosing of Plantskyd.

The Dog:  All of my readers are kind to read about my dog and her journey through aging and illness. I have come to terms with her limitations and the fact that we only walk half a block twice a day. Otherwise she is happy, eats well, drinks well, poops well, plays fetch with her Bouda giraffe, and wags her tail. Despite me being her caretaker, feeder, medicine dispenser, Bouda thrower, etc., she loves my husband the best and delegates me to #2. Like a teenager, she loves baking in the sun on our back patio.

Animas/Medtronic/Tandem: My Animas pump went out of warranty in late 2016, but I still get emails from Animas and Medtronic about switching to a Medtronic pump system. I am committed to Dexcom and see Tandem and maybe Omnipod as my future. Until Medtronic sensors are reimbursed by Medicare, there is no way that I will take a chance on a CGM that is out-of-pocket. At the same time I have struggled for 2+ years with occlusion alarms on my Tandem X2 and have been back using my Animas Vibe trouble-free for the last 3 months. 

Kinda Whole 30: I have written about Whole 30 and my imperfection at succeeding through 30 days. But I periodically go back on the reset diet and am amazed at how fabulous my blood sugars react to no dairy and no grains. I eat a ton of fruit on this diet and get no spikes. Because I have hosted two dinner parties in the last week, I have once again have strayed from perfect adherence and have had wine. But here is a 24-hour Dexcom tracing that speaks for itself.

Thank-you.  As always, I am grateful for my online diabetes contacts. Keep up the good fight, my friends, and keep in touch. Without you, my diabetes would be really, really hard instead of just really hard. Diabetes social media makes a difference. 

9 thoughts on “March Miscellany

  1. “…Diabetes social media makes a difference. …”

    And the award for the understatenemrnt of the year goes to our very own ABB! 😘😘

  2. Thanks for the update.

    I love your puppy.

    One of my kids is using Lantus, he found the occlusion alarms too annoying. The other is using the Tandem pump w basal IQ and never mentions annoying alarms. Maybe he’s just oblivious. He also doesn’t notice low battery alarms, low insulin alarms…

    • My opinion is that occlusion alarms happen on a pump by pump basis. Some people are lucky and get pumps that don’t have occlusion alarms. Most of them have lots of “solutions” for those of us who do. Other pumps are plagued with them and I believe it is an overly sensitive sensor. But who knows? I’ll go back on the t:slim when I get G6 and Basal IQ. Until then….

  3. If “only” my CGM traces were as flat and consistent as your screen shot. Those are great … from my perspective!!

    I’ll be getting a new insulin RX and will likely take it back to my local Walgreens as they have not had a problem filling same for now 3+ years. It ran out last summer and I’ve been waiting to renew the RX as I had a “big” stock of insulin and needed to weed it down a tad.

    I visited my local CVS and asked them about filling Part B RX for insulin and they said they have tried for ‘years’ and can’t get their computer system to work and accept via that method so the answer is ‘no’. Yet I talk to other folks having no problems with CVS and Part B filing for insulin coverage. Taking the same RX to Walgreens and I’ve not experienced a problem. Go figure??!!

    I might ask at another local CVS (we have them on every-other street corner it seems), but I doubt it would be any different.

    I figure (like you have noted) that managing our T1D while on Medicare has become a full-time job.

    • I wish that all of my tracings looked that good! But the question is why I don’t continue with this diet that has such good results? I think I miss dairy more than grains. Yogurt for sure.

  4. Laddie, have you tried lactose free yogurt? Congratulations on that good line of readings! Impressive! Regarding Walgreens, I read in another group but can’t recall where that there’s a 1-800 number you can call for Walgreens when you have this problem with local Walgreens. As for me, I’ve not had a problem with Walmart for several years. (fingers crossed).

  5. My CVS has been filing my insulin for years. Each January they ask for the Serial number of my pump, get a new script that says it is used in a pump and boom off I go. I have heard there are issues, but it is more about the individual pharmacy than the chain I think. At least in the case of CVS.

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