Happy Birthday, Abby the Black Lab!

Laddie_Head SquareAbby the Black Lab, who is wise about all things related to diabetes, is celebrating a birthday. Her blogposts are some of the most-read posts at Test Guess and Go. Someday I hope to have half as much wisdom as she does.

Please wish her a Happy #10!


Abby Birthday


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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Abby the Black Lab!

  1. Happy Birthday Abby it is my birthday today too !!!! I am one year younger than you, I hope my mom is planning something special … 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Lily! I hope your mom gives you a day of rest by having no high or low blood sugars today…. And ask for a long walk followed by ice cream.

  3. Samantha Ann, (it might be Lee, Marie, Jane, Sue, Lucy we have no idea of her middle or last name) wishes ‘The Wise one’ happy birthday. Samantha would tell her birthday but neither she nor we know that either. Still happy birthday is definitely in order. 🙂

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