Meet the Hansons!

Laddie_Head SquareA couple of years ago I met Megan Hanson at a dinner meet-up for women living with diabetes. We became Facebook friends and I have been privileged to follow the exploits of her ever-busy family. Last year the Hanson’s T1 Awareness video released in support of JDRF was hugely popular and even shared on the Huffington Post by Riva Greenberg. You can watch the 2015 video as a part of Riva’s post or else click here.


Meet the Hansons!

A family of six: Mom, Dad, and four boys.

A family overflowing with love and joy.

A household of constant motion, laughter, and chaotic fun.

A family whose smiles light up my Facebook news feed.

A family living with Type 1 diabetes.

Three times over.

Mom and 4-year old twins Leland and Lincoln.

A family who advocates and educates others about Type 1 diabetes.

A family who will be walking in the JDRF One Walk at the Mall of America on February 20, 2016 to help “Turn Type One into Type NONE!”

In mid-January the Hansons released their 2016 “day in the life” video showing what Leland and Lincoln deal with in a day of diabetes. It’s longer than last year’s video and we see that although diabetes does not rob this family of smiles and laughter, there are occasional tears. The twins clearly “know their stuff” as they explain the basics of Type 1 diabetes and show their expertise at testing BG. Mom and Dad are in the background helping out with the hard stuff and performing middle-of-the-night BG checks. Brothers, one older and one younger, scream cheers of support every step of the way.

If you would like to support Team Hanson’s JDRF walk, click here. Very importantly, remember that every time you support JDRF, you are helping children like Leland and Lincoln and families like the Hansons. Watch their amazing video and join all of us who dream of a world without Type 1 diabetes.


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