A Chance to be Heard

Laddie_Head SquareOver the weekend I was asked by fellow Minnesotan Scott Johnson to write a statement about the value of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) for senior citizens, most specifically as it relates to  Medicare and CGM coverage. Rather than recreate the wheel for why he asked me, here is an excerpt from Scott’s email:

Scott Email Paulsen

Erik Paulsen (R-MN3) represents the Third District of Minnesota. He is a champion of fiscal responsibility and technical innovation when it comes to healthcare. Paulsen is a member of the diabetes caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives and is a supporter of “bipartisan, common sense solutions” for our healthcare crisis. Although Scott did not know this, I live in Erik Paulsen’s district and have previously contacted him by letter, email, and Twitter regarding diabetes issues such as federal funding for diabetes research and the need for Medicare coverage for CGMS. (I also voted for him in the recent November election.)

Luckily for Scott, I had an unfinished blogpost about growing old with Type 1 diabetes and it didn’t take long to draft a statement to be shared at the JDRF advocacy meet-up with Congressman Paulsen. This is my statement as submitted to Scott and shared with The Honorable Erik Paulsen, United States House of Representatives:

Paulsen Statement by Me

Thank you to Scott for sharing this photo from Monday, November 17, 2014. Left to right: Camille Nash, Debbie Evans, Scott Johnson, Rep. Erik Paulsen, Chelsea Grimes.  Camille, Debbie, and Chelsia are mothers of children with Type 1 diabetes and along with Scott, represented the MinnDakotas Chapter of JDRF to advocate for Medicare coverage of Continuous Glucose Monitoring.

2014-11-17 10.51.00


          Oh yes, I am awesome, Scott. And so are you!

Postscript:  The day after this meeting, Representative Erik Paulsen signed on as a Co-Sponsor of H.R. 5644: Medicare CGM Access Act of 2014.  Talk about concrete proof that our advocacy efforts can make a difference!  Thank you to Camille, Debbie, Scott, and Chelsea for representing JDRF and sharing your stories and my story with Rep. Paulsen.  And thank-you to Erik Paulsen for going on record as supporting Medicare coverage for CGMS.

8 thoughts on “A Chance to be Heard

  1. Great post and a great statement Laddie… Let’s hope congressman Paulsen remembers you when the Medicare CGM debate occurs, and when the vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act comes up.

  2. Thanks Laddie! Hopefully ths change in Medicare coverage will comevery soon! I have another ALJ Hearing scheduled for 11/25. I still have no decision on the ALJ Hearing I had on 8/20.

  3. Thank you, Laddie, for helping make a difference in our meeting with Congressman Paulsen. I really appreciate you being so willing to share on such short notice, and I think it’s also great to tell the story here as well, so more can see. #ManyFormsOfAdvocacy

  4. “I wear my CGM 24/7/365 and literally never have a day that my CGM doesn’t alert me to multiple highs and lows that I can no longer feel.”

    This is my favorite part of the whole letter. Not that it’s true, but that it’s a really powerful statement that cannot be disputed, and makes it plainly obvious what happens if the CGM is taken away.

    This sentence makes the need for CGM clear as day to me. Let’s hope the lawmakers see it the same way.

  5. I agree Laddie. Although we have never personally meet, you are awesome! Thank you for allowing Scott to tell part of your story. Would love hear to the next chapter. Thank you, awesome Laddie! One Voice Heard.

    Chelsea Grimes

  6. I have been getting updates from GovTrack every day and while it’s slow going, there are now 26 Representatives co-sponsoring the house bill and 11 Senators co-sponsoring the Senate bill and almost 75,000 signing the JDRF petition. Your blog was great and hopefully it will keep the efforts to get in touch with senators, representatives and the petition in the forefront and those who haven’t taken the time to do the contact letters, the impetus to do so. There is still a lot of work to be done and a mountain to climb but I truly believe that if our voices ring out loud and clear, we will be heard.

  7. Thanks Laddie for your voice in helping to convince another representative to sign on. That was a powerful blog. Well done my friend.

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