Link-Type 1/Type 2 Conversations:  Food, Glorious Food

Laddie_Head SquareToday Kate Cornell of Sweet Success: My Life with Type 2 Diabetes is publishing the fourth and final in our series of Type 1/Type 2 Conversations.  The subject is Food, Glorious Food and you can read it here.

As in our previous conversations, we found that we have a lot in common when it comes to food.  One difference is that Kate is frustrated that her doctor won’t prescribe insulin for her and she believes that she needs this weapon in her arsenal.  (Most of us know that Type 2 is a progressive disease and many people ultimately end up needing insulin.)  As a Type 1, I want a chance to be a Type 2 and not have to take insulin!  Of course that is a silly wish because if I had one magic wish, I would wish that there was no diabetes.  No Type 1, no Conversations_FinalType 2, no Gestational, no LADA, and none of the other types.

Kate mentions in the conclusion of this conversation that we will be publishing one more post that will invite you to join the conversation.  We will give some suggestions on the mechanics of the project along with offering to share graphics and anything else you might need.


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