Stay Tuned

Laddie_Head SquareStarting next Tuesday, July 8, Kate Cornell of Sweet Success: My Life with Type 2 Diabetes and I will be publishing a series of collaborative blogposts titled Type 1/Type 2 Conversations.  Each week we will select a topic related to diabetes and share our views in a back-and-forth discussion.  Because I have Type 1 diabetes and Kate has Type 2 diabetes, we expect that we may agree on many things and at the same time run into a few areas where we have completely different experiences and viewpoints.

The aim of these conversations is not to come to a consensus on a given topic or decide who is right and who is wrong.  Our purpose is to communicate and talk about these issues.  Both Kate and I believe that a strong diabetes community needs to reflect the voices of people with all types of diabetes and all experiences with diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, LADA, parents, and so on.  We do not have to be the same in order to respect and support each other.  In fact we are stronger because of our diversity.  So let’s talk to each other and let’s learn from each other.

The first topic that we are tackling is often a difficult one in the diabetes world.  Please join us next Tuesday as we talk about Weight.


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