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Blogroll_!When I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 24 in 1976, it never dawned on me that talking with other people would change my day-to-day life with diabetes.  We were years away from home computers.  I read pamphlets and a few books, but that was it.

Fast forward to 2014.  I have daily contact with people who have diabetes and I have friends all over the country (and world) who are part of the Diabetes Online Community. My life has been greatly enriched by every blog I’ve visited, every message board I’ve participated in, every podcast I’ve listened to and every Tweet I’ve read.

Below you’ll find a list of websites, message boards, and blogs that I read along with a few podcast recommendations.  Some I read every day.  Some I check in on in response to a Tweet or when I’m sitting at the computer with time to spare.

If I have neglected to list your blog, contact me and I’ll be sure to add you!


Websites and Message Boards:

American Diabetes Association Type 1 Forum

A Sweet Life

CGM Safely

Children with Diabetes

Diabetes Daily

Diabetes Mine

Diabetes Sisters




Insulin Pumpers

Strip Safely



Podcasts  (I download them through iTunes)

Diabetes by the Numbers

Diabetes Connections

Diabetes Daily Grind

Diabetic & Free Podcast


Juicebox Podcast

Just Talking

TuDiabetes Talks


Type 1 Blogs (listed alphabetically)

1 Type 1


A Consequence of Hypoglycemia

Active Diabetic

A Slice of Life with Diabetes


Beautiful, Ugly Mystery

Below Seven

Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 1 Child)


Blood Drops & Braille Dots

Blood Sugar Trampoline



Coffee & Insulin

Confessions of a Deniabetic

Creaky Joints – Rick Phillips

Cut the B.S.! …I mean Blood Sugar!

Dear Diabetes, You Suck

Dedicated to One More Day

Diabetes Daily Grind

Diabetes Light

Diabetes Stories


Diabetic Advocate

Diabetically Speaking



D Meanderings

Do Bears Eat Insulin?


Dreams of Lewis

Fifteen Wait Fifteen

Finding the Peace Between the Pokes

Flying Furballs

Getting to 7


I am Type One


Insulin Independent

Insulin Pens Don’t Have Ink

I Run on Batteries

Joy Benchmarks

Kayla’s Life Notes



Life on T1

Life or Something Like It

Living Vertical

Living with Diabetes and Celiac Disease

Low Carb Dietitian (Pre-diabetic Type Unknown)

Mari Ruddy

Me and D

Moments of Wonderful

My Crazy Life with my Diabetic Service Dog

My Diabetes Secret

My Life: A Long Trip with T1D

My T1 Diabetes

Need A Nap 2  (Type 1 and Type 1 Child)


Oh NO! I’m Low

One Step Closer to the Cure


Pancreatically Challenged Nurse

Principles of Uncertainty  (Type 1 and Type 1 Child)

Probably Rachel

Push My Buttons to Turn Me On

RA Diabetes

Richard’s Rambling Review


Rolling in the D

Running on Carbs


Sarah at La Osita

Scott’s Diabetes

Scott’s Web Log

See Jen Dance

shesugar (Type 1 and Type 1 Child)

Six Until Me

Strangely Diabetic


Sugar High Sugar Low

Sugar’s the B Not Me

Surface Fine

Sweet and Sour

Sweet Zoo

Sweetly Voiced


Teapot Diabetic


Tethered Expat

Texting My Pancreas

The 4 Ts

The Betes Life

The Blood Sugar Whisperer

The Chronic Scholar

The Diabetes Dominator

The Diabetic Diva

The Diabetic’s Corner Booth

The D-Log Cabin

The Girl with the Portable Pancreas

The Grumpy Pumper

The Insulin Chronicles

The Life of a Diabetic

The Perfect D

The Pod Files

The Regenerated Diabetic

The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes!!!

The Savvy Diabetic

The Sugars

The Tangerine Diabetic

Think Like a Pancreas

Thriving with Type 1 Diabetes

Training Type 1 Diabetes to Live with ME!

Trials & Tribulations of Being a Type 1 Diabetic

Type 1 and Sons

Type 1 Diabeater

Type 1 Writes

Type ONEderful

Type One Trio

Typical Type 1

Unexpected Blues

Very Light, No Sugar

With a Side of Insulin


Parent Blogs (listed alphabetically)

Adventures in Diabetes Parenting

Arden’s Day

Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes  (Type 1 and Type 1 Child)

Black Dogs Rule

Bleedingfinger Blog

BS and INsillion With My Sugar Bear

Candy Hearts

Circles of Blue

Current Research into a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

Death of a Pancreas

Despite Diabetes

Diabetes Dad

D-Mom Blog

Eden’s Effort

Four Sweet Kids..Two with Diabetes


Need A Nap 2  (Type 1 and Type 1 Child)

Nita Cure

Our Diabetic Life

Principles of Uncertainty  (Type 1 and Type 1 Child)

shesugar (Type 1 and Type 1 Child)

Stick with it Sugar

Sweeten the Trip

T1D and Gluten Free

T1 Together

This is Caleb

Type 1 Tot

Without Envy

Your Diabetes May Vary  (Parent and Type 2)


Type 2 Blogs (listed alphabetically)

Bea Sparks

Bittersweet Diagnosis

Diabetes Ramblings

Exploring Diabetes Type 2

Living with Diabetes and Lapband

My Diabetic Heart

Not Dead, Diabetic

Refreshing D

Running Without Sugar

Sweet Success

The Angry Type 2 Diabetic

The Fat Side of the Tracks

The Trials of Type 2 Diabetes

The Type 2 Experience

Type 2 Diabetes – A Personal Journey

Your Diabetes May Vary  (Parent and Type 2)

To see a more complete directory of Type 2 blogs, check out this list compiled by Bob F. at The Type 2 Blogger Lists

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