Dexcom G5: Alerts & Sounds?

Laddie_Head SquareIn September I wrote a blogpost “Considering the Dexcom G5 Upgrade” which continues to be one of my most-read posts ever. My upgrade was free and it was a non-brainer to accept the two G5 transmitters. Because the G4 transmitter that I began using last March was still working fine until now, I have only just begun using a G5 transmitter. I am due to order a new transmitter next week (definitely trying to stock up before I transition to Medicare!)and I am glad to get some experience with the G5 before deciding whether to order a G4 or G5 transmitter.

So far I hate the G5 or at least how it functions on my iPhone 5.*** Maybe one of you canDexcom Sound Menu give me some help. As far as I can tell, there is no way to set Dexcom alerts to vibrate without having my whole phone on Vibrate Only. I find it hard to believe that “Vibrate” isn’t one of the sound choices on the phone as it is on the Dex receiver. But if it’s there, I don’t see it. If I turn off sounds for the Dex app in the phone notification settings, then it doesn’t vibrate either and losing alerts negates the major reason for using a CGM.

I like having a ringtone for my phone and I especially like a ding when I receive texts. So I don’t really want my phone on Vibrate Only. I find the Dexcom alerts incredibly loud and they don’t seem to respond to the volume adjustment of my ringer. I don’t want my day interrupted with diabetes sound blasts and I think that my husband, dog, golfing partners, and hiking friends would agree.

So unless I am missing something, I have 3 choices.

  1. Embrace the loud Dexcom alerts.
  2. Keep my phone on Vibrate Only with the risk of missing calls, texts, and calendar alerts.
  3. Use the Dexcom receiver instead of my phone or addition to my phone with phone alerts disabled.

I am not willing to go with Option 1. Diabetes intrudes into almost every moment of my life and I don’t want it accompanied by beeping, dinging, and babies-crying alerts.

I suspect that I can get used to Option 2 and that is what I am using today.

If I am going to use Option 3 then I should definitely just stay with the Dexcom G4 for my next transmitter with the longer battery life and no drop-dead date. Plus, I thought that the purpose of the G5 was to eliminate the receiver and use my smartphone instead!

So am I crazy and missing something obvious? Or is this another instance of “improved” medical devices taking a step backwards?

***Actually I like the Dexcom app on the phone and the ease of reading data and entering calibrations. But the lack of a Vibrate option is a big issue for me.

5 thoughts on “Dexcom G5: Alerts & Sounds?

    • I replied to your message, but I think that only works if I have the whole phone on silent. Then everything vibrates. But if I turn sounds off for just the Dexcom and leave other sounds such as ringtones on, it doesn’t vibrate with Dex alerts. I was low this morning (not as low as the Dex said I was), and I didn’t correct it so that I could try alerts with all of the sound scenarios I could think of. I never was able to get the Dex to vibrate while the phone and texts used audible tones.

      But thanks:-) I am open to trying anything.

  1. Sorry for irrelevant fb comment. Now that I read the post, I can see you are already into this at the deepest level!

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