A Desert Miracle

Laddie_Head SquareToday’s blogpost is one photograph. I hope that it will bring a smile to your face, especially those of you in northern areas which are stumbling towards spring.

This small cactus in my back patio area is a Trico Cereus hybrid. It blooms during the night and each bloom lasts only one day. To provide some scale to the photo, the tallest part of the cactus is 24 inches and the diameter of each bloom is 9 inches.

So enjoy the beauty, albeit fleeting.

Trico Cereus Hybrid 2015

11 thoughts on “A Desert Miracle

  1. Many lovely things are destined to be with us for just a short time. I try to remember all of the goodness in my life, and when it’s gone, the next will step into place.

    • Beautiful comment, Minnesota Nice. I wish that I’d thought to say the same thing. But then it wouldn’t have been a quick and easy 15-minute blogpost….

  2. I remember you did something similar last spring. Another beautiful photo. Although we don’t have cactus in NY, we are finally getting flower greenery pushing through the ground now that the snow is disappearing.

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