A Springtime Walk in Arizona

I just couldn’t do diabetes today. As much as I like blogging, sometimes I think it is a bit twisted to write long posts about diabetes a couple times a week. So today I am expanding my WordPress skills and for the first time using a photo gallery in a blogpost.

After sending my husband off to the airport this morning to head back to Minnesota, I took Abby the Black Lab for a walk around my Arizona neighborhood. I hope the beautiful photos I took will brighten the day of those of you in northern climates. If it’s too painful to watch, keep in mind for next year that I have a guest room.

If the short slideshow does not begin automatically, hover your mouse over the photo and click the arrow. When you can’t stand it anymore and want to return to your world of cold and slush, click on pause.

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14 thoughts on “A Springtime Walk in Arizona

    • Trisha, nice to hear from you. I assume you’ve had a tough winter in your part of the world. So you have first choice of weeks for the guest room next year….

  1. Thank you, Laddie, for sharing your gorgeous photos. Brightened a dreary & icy cold day here. I have never seen a Cereus flower – so beautiful!

    • The Cereus (or Trico Cereus ) is an incredible cactus. These blooms are huge, but each one unfortunately only lasts a day.

      • Laddie, the vibrant red flowers on the hedgehog cactus are also breathtaking. Thank you again for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous flowers and so nice to even, sort of… feel warm just looking at the photos – Well, except for the snowy dog photo!
    Do you have an 800 number for reservations?

  3. OMG Your photos are ravishing. Are the plants in your garden??? BRAVO to the gardener and I am sending this to Jean. To retire, we may have to ditch Charleston for the desert. I am sick I haven’t visited this year…..

    • Some were in my yard, but everything was in my neighborhood. All the photos were taken yesterday with my iPhone. Well, except for Abby in the snow….

  4. At least I know that the flowers will bloom here….someday. But they probably won’t be as beautiful as the ones in your pictures. Nice change from diabetes. Thanks. We all need to leave that behind sometimes.

  5. It was 60 F today here in South Dakota! I won’t talk about the 5 to 6″ of snow due tomorrow though. Whoops, did I say that? -Lloyd Mann

  6. Thanks for the beautiful pictures Laddie. Reminds me of my recent trip to Phoenix-Scottsdale and the wonderful Desert Botanical Garden there. What an incredible idea to offer your guest room! I’d take you up on it with great pleasure 🙂 Carol

  7. Hello, I am new to your blog. I found your blog regarding frozen shoulder (which I was diagnosed with 3 days ago) and then kept reading your prior blogs. I live in SF Bay area and travel to Phoenix often to visit a friend in Awatukee. Would be delighted to find a pumpers group or other type1’s in Phoenix…I have not found any t1 groups or friends there.

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